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June 2019

Pottery Club

Dear all,
our daughter Ida attended the pottery club and she loved it. She had a great time and would attend another pottery club.
Thank you for organising such fantastic clubs. Our kids always enjoy them!

Scott Pickens

November 2017

Cookery club

My daughter came to the cookery club for the first time last week and absolutely loved it. She was so super excited before she went and when she came home she had clearly enjoyed her time and chocolate brownies were delicious. Thank you for making it such great fun. This was the first club we had gone to and we will be trying more. Thank you for the great job you all do.

Jane Kennedy

August 2017

Wee Glee is back!

So happy Wee Glee is starting back. I’ve really missed seeing all my friends.


June 2017

Wee glee is the one for me!

I love wee glee and want it every day

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