SupERtots feedback

I was fortunate attend the supertots session on Saturday 4th November and I have to say it was delightful. The activities were excellent and really engaging and the staff and activity leaders were so welcoming. I was impressed with how well everyone knew the kids and noticed their preferences and sought to accommodate to [...]

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Outdoor Club

We just wanted to tell you, how much both of our kids enjoyed the outdoor club. They both loved it and especially David, who built all sort of wonderful things with them. It made our weekend so much easier having some activities available. We were really sad, today was the last one. Thank you [...]

Outdoor Club2020-10-11T08:41:14+01:00

Box of activities

Thank you so much for the summer gift box, what a lovely surprise. We will have great fun using the contents to keep Matthew busy in the lovely sunshine. Huge thank you to SupERkids, Children in Need and inclusive support staff for all your thoughtfulness. Stay safe. Lynn Wylie [...]

Box of activities2020-05-19T11:01:43+01:00

Thank you so much!

The girls dropped over our amazing box of goodies today and I actually burst into tears! We are so grateful, thank you so much! It’s been a tough time for Max and Archie so the box of delights was an incredible gift. Thank you all so so much xxxx Jenny [...]

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Thank you!

Thank you SO much for the box of treats we received today. We love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Tim Burton) so especially love the Augustus Gloop flavoured fudge! It is sk thoughtful of you all and a big thank you also to your sponsors. Many ASN kids are struggling at the moment with [...]

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Pottery Club

Dear all, our daughter Ida attended the pottery club and she loved it. She had a great time and would attend another pottery club. Thank you for organising such fantastic clubs. Our kids always enjoy them! Scott Pickens

Pottery Club2019-06-21T08:48:30+01:00

Cookery club

My daughter came to the cookery club for the first time last week and absolutely loved it. She was so super excited before she went and when she came home she had clearly enjoyed her time and chocolate brownies were delicious. Thank you for making it such great fun. This was the first club [...]

Cookery club2017-11-09T19:20:02+00:00

Wee Glee is back!

So happy Wee Glee is starting back. I've really missed seeing all my friends. Matthew

Wee Glee is back!2017-08-22T09:48:46+01:00
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